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We’re Ready For Anything

Sin City Cloud is the only Tier-4-rated hosting solution in North America owned, operated, and designed by top-level engineers. Engineers who understand both the technical and the practical side of the industry.

We’re co-located at SUPERNAP, a Tier-4, Gold-Certified datacenter situated in one of the safest regions on the planet when it comes to natural disasters: Las Vegas, Nevada. The SUPERNAP facility has a military-grade security team, 100 percent power / connectivity up-time guaranteed, a proprietary cooling system/ecosystem called the “Living Data-center,” and multiple levels of redundancy.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, this is where you’ll want to be.

Security Is Our #1 Priority

At Sin City Cloud, we believe that network, server, and cloud security should be a top priority of any cloud hosting provider. We natively scrub, filter, and mitigate inbound attacks at our network edge using, our very own traffic algorithm . This algorithm analyzes data based on factors such as rate of connections, IP reputation from aggregated sources, source/destination port(s), and other established behaviors to determine whether to accept traffic, drop it, or flag it for further evaluation.

Other hosting companies may promise cut-rate prices, but this often comes at a cost. To achieve this price model, unscrupulous companies will go cheap on customer service, network security, and infrastructure builds, and it’s the consumer who ends up paying the ultimate price. At Sin City Cloud, we feel our clients deserve better, and that is what we pledge to you.

Better service. Better security. A better experience, from start to finish.



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